We handle your      Tax Problems          so you don't have to

Personalized Service

At Tax Alliance Group we are licensed professionals that treat our clients with the utmost priority. We are a firm with big CPA experience but you get the personalized attention of a small firm.

Our licensed professionals understand how stressful it can be to have tax issues. We are determined to resolving our clients tax issues with their best interest in mind.

On site licensed specialist.

Nothing outsourced.

No salesman.

Reaching a Deal

Offer in Compromise 

Settle your Tax Debt for less   than what you owe.

Business Meeting

Levy Removal

Stop the IRS from garnishing    your bank accounts.


Penalty Abatement

By meeting a certain criteria the taxpayer can possibly avoid paying penalties.

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Licensed Specialist

Based in Orange County  

Serving all 50 States.








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Don't ignore your tax liabilities!

Is the IRS or State Agency going after you demanding full payment?

Is there a lien against your property or garnishment against your wages?

Have you received a Notice of Deficiency?

Tax Alliance Group has helped hundreds of clients resolve their tax issues, including

both business and individual liabilities: issues with payroll taxes, installments, State Audits, Offer in Compromises... just to name a few. We offer help in all 50 States.

Let us help you relieve you of your tax problems!

Give yourself the peace of mind that you deserve knowing you have a professional that will hold your hand through the whole process.

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